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Best websites for men’s dating advice

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Owing hectic schedules and increased internet diffusion globally have led to a surge in demand for dating apps. In 2015 the registered dating platform users were just 185 million globally, which rose to 270 million in 2020. Earlier, online dating had a stigma attached to it. It was considered the last resort for someone who couldn’t find a partner otherwise. But now, the situation has changed, and online dating has become the most popular way to find a date or even a life-long connection. 

However, online dating sites and dating apps have a gender ratio mismatch. Men outnumber women on dating platforms, so naturally women get to have more requests. It leads to more competition among males to find their dating partners. Men are often confused while selecting the right move, what to do and what not to do to find success in online dating, and find themselves in a fishy situation. Men tend not to feel so confident about their next move in dating.

To help you resolve this situation, we have compiled a list of the best websites for men’s dating advice below.

What are some of the best websites for men’s dating advice?

Today there is a solution for every query, request and demand online. There is a solution at the time you need advice. Instead of wasting time looking for advice for men dating here and there, it is best to contact the experts who already experienced and know the best possible way to get to your goal in dating. Getting relationship advice online gives credible, authentic, and reliable information without getting judged. It is from experts and the general public going through similar situations. It gives you many ideas to deal with any confusing situation where you feel stuck in your dating journey.

Online dating for men can be pretty hard sometimes if not dealt with elaborately and efficiently. To help you resolve this situation, we have compiled a list of the best websites for online dating advice for men below:

1) Askmen

Askmen is one of the best dating advice websites, which holds the top spot for getting the variety of information for the men ranging from romance, dating, grooming, fitness, gear, etc. The site has an informational article containing all the stuff you want to ask but have been shy, have no one to talk to or are short on time. But not anymore! With Askmen, you will receive all the advice in one place.

If you are struggling in your dating life and want to get advice to improve yourself, Askmen is the best place for that. It elaborates on the following topics:

2) Men’s Health

Men’s health is one of the oldest and most trusted magazines spreading across 59 countries with 35 additions. It has over 4.4 million Twitter followers and serves several million users worldwide. Men’s Health has the following advantages:

Men’s Health is one of the most credible and trustworthy magazines covering all the aspects related to men’s entertainment, health, fitness and dating. It offers advice relating to a multitude of facets of men’s life.


It is clear from its name that provides advice for those looking for a serious relationship. If you are already married, looking for a family or dating advice, and are planning a marriage, the best way to approach your potential mate is get armed with an advice from This site has the most implementable advice for you, thus the writers on are a mixed bag of people like lawyers, social workers, psychologists, therapists, and relationship specialists, so you will get a wider response to your problem. has multiple great features such as:

4) Coffee Meets Bagel blog

Coffee Meets Bagel is an extremely popular dating site with one of the best dating blogs about relationships, dating tips and ideas, even including virtual dating experiences. Sites’s advice is not only suitable for both genders, but also for gay, mature people and more. Men will be able to find lots of useful information and tips for successful relationships. If you wish to join an understanding community, you may want to follow CMB’s Instagram page with 305k followers.

5) Reddit

Reddit is among the top ten social media platforms used in the US. More than sixty percent of users on Reddit are between the 18 to 29 year range among the 430 million monthly active users. Reddit allows you to dive into any topic, and boasts of more than a million communities. Men can use communities for seeking relationship advice on this public platform. Though all the advisers are not experts, a community of people will help you with varied advice. You can choose among them to find the best suited for you. You can also ask advice anonymously, if your question seems too personal.

Reddit has features as follows:

6) Quora

Similar to Reddit, one more crowdsourcing platform where you can seek advice freely and maintain your anonymity is Quora. Here, you can ask for relationship and dating advice from a huge audience of diverse people. Quora is meant to be a place to gain and share knowledge, ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

Among many Quora features are those:

7) Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence is the guide column on, where you can ask your question related to relationships, life, and work, answered by Danny M.Lavery, an American author and editor. The advice is suitable for both men and women. Apart from the questioning in the column on “,” either you can email Lavery or leave a voicemail for the Dear Prudence podcast asking your question.

It has the following features:

8) offers you hundreds of in-depth articles helping you get past your confusion and attract the right women in your life that you have been longing for. It has the most user-friendly and minimalistic design that makes navigation on the platform easy and smooth.

Engaging in a meaningful conversation on the site offers a way of finding the solution to your issues. offers active forum discussions with more than a million members. It gives the method of interacting with people going through similar situations and finding a possible solution.

SoSuave has the following features:

9) eHarmony Dating Advice

eHarmony advice has the best information on online dating as eHarmony itself helps people meet with their most suitable date partners. It has advice stored in briefs, guest posting articles, and advice appropriate to all users, either you are searching for dating sites for older men, or looking how to maintain passion in a long-term connection. Just a decade old, launched in 2000, eHarmony has created over two million love connections.

 eHarmony has following features:

Online dating for men does not remain hard if the right advice follows thoroughly, and when it’s coming from the source itself, eHarmony  has to be the most workable advice.

10)’s blog Heartbeat is one of the top-rated dating websites with thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers. It is the number one website for relationships and marriage, with a customer rating of 4.9 out of 5. It has the most user-friendly interface, giving you all the necessary do’s and don’ts in a relationship and offering all the dating advice under one roof. Heartbeat is the official blog of, one of the oldest dating sites, having celebrated its silver jubilee. What better place than to get advice from the most experienced one who has been in the dating world for this long.

Heartbeat has the following features: has the experience and expertise in the dating world and has got more than two decades of experience since its launch in 1995. And therefore, they have a deep knowledge of what moves work best for a happy relationship. 

11) Love is respect

The Love is Respect website understands that dating and relationships can be challenging. Human emotions can be tough to interpret. Therefore “” website makes it simple for you with a relationship guide.

It may be helpful for you in the following ways:

Love and respect is the place that helps clear out the confusion in dating and get authentic information. It provides support to users to carry out happy and healthy relationships.

12) Five love languages

Love has different meanings to different people, and they find the joy of love in different things. If even after trying hard, you don’t feel connected or at the same level with your partner, it seems like there is a gap, Dr. Gary Chapman of the helps you with this. He understands that different people receive and give love in various ways.

Different features of the are: can better equip you with information of the specific love languages of other people, so they understand better what you want to say with your acts or words. This advice helps in getting more from the relationships.

13) The OkCupid Blog

OkCupid blog is one of the most popular online dating blogs followed by people worldwide. The blog encapsulates information decoded from collection-wide data collection. OkCupid weaves stories around the latest information updates. It’s the best place to equip yourself with the data surrounding the dating world.

It has the following features:

14) Paging Dr. Nerdlove

The blog by Harris O’Malley, a dating coach, gives great dating advice for men. The users gain information about best do’s and don’ts in dating through Harris O’Malley’s books, listening to his podcast, or asking him a question through the blog.

It has the following features:

The blog focuses on men’s issues and is the perfect place for all the men looking for online dating advice.

15) D’Marge 

D’Marge is a website based in Australia, which has a variety of topics from the latest news to relationship advice, the best clothing brands on the market, cars and recommendations of travel destinations. The articles are written in a solid, confident manner with some appropriate jokes to dilute the monotony of self-improvement.

5 Best Dating Advice for Men to Follow:

Although there are millions of users on many dating platforms, men still struggle to find their potential dating partners online. There are many reasons for this. It is also because of the sheer mismatch of the gender inequality ratios on the platform that men need to work a little harder than women to get a date.

Here is the compiled list of the tips and tricks of dating advice for men. Employ them in your dating journey to gain likable dates you have been searching for so long:

  1. Be Honest and Truthful

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of users on the platform. Out in the competition with the number of other users, sometimes men state false information to find the appropriate date faster. But this does not help in the long run. You may get into a relationship, but if that won’t last, your time will be wasted for nothing.

  1. Don’t Overthink

Men should not indulge in overthinking, which results in lost opportunities. It’s not worth it to dwell on much thinking before making a move. No doubt it’s important to be respectful and understanding but overthinking kills your dating chances.

  1. Create the First Message Strategy

The first message is the most crucial in finding a date for men as it serves as the first point of contact between them and a prospective date. The first message should address the other person by their name and inquire about their well-being, associating an open-ended question to initiate the conversation among the individuals.

For Example, “Hey Emma, Oliver here. How are you? Going through your profile, I saw your hiking pictures. You seem like an adventurous soul like me. Lately, I’ve been trying scuba diving. Do you like scuba diving too?”

The above message represents a perfect message as it introduces yourself, asks about other people’s well-being, and initiates the conversation by asking an open-ended question about a common interest.

  1. Put Up a Clear Profile Picture

Good profile picture creates a positive visual imagination in the minds of the other person. A clear profile picture can positively impact your dating avenues, and increase the quantity of requests on your dating profile. Sometimes users put up a photo that is not clear with a lot of other objects in the background, or it is a group picture with no indications of your persona, this drastically reduces your chances of successful dating. A good quality picture of you smiling will be one of the factors to find the date of your dreams.

  1. Switching Between Multiple Dating Sites

Even after trying a lot due to not getting desired results and spending energy and time on dating sites, you lose patience and trust, but competition doesn’t seem to end. You think about trying out different dating websites or dating apps. Instead of helping, it leads to confusion and wastes more time and energy. While this should not be the case, one should understand that dating is not a grocery shopping affair that you pick and choose right away. Instead, dating is a long-term road that takes time to lead you to the desired results. There are a lot of dating sites on the market. But carefully choose among them the one that serves your purpose, needs, and preferences. And sticking to that site long-term offers good results.

Is it that hard to find a date? 

There are multiple dating sites available in the market to cater every requirement for online dating for men. Choosing one or two men’s dating sites and sticking to them is crucial in finding success on the dating platform. Utilizing the dating platform as per the advice shared above goes a long way in achieving success on the dating platform. Most users miss these basic-looking things and don’t achieve success with online dating. Follow the given dating advice and enjoy your online dating experience.

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