11 Online Dating First Message Examples That Get Responses

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Online dating has opened up new avenues for people who are introverts, short on time, or who seek privacy and safety before meeting up with anyone personally. The potential in online dating has led to the cropping up of various dating apps. Nowadays, it is much more convenient to hold a conversation and learn something new about the person on online dating sites before going on a conventional date.

11 Online Dating First Message Examples That Get Responses

There are thousands of online dating profiles of people on the online dating sites, so how do you choose one? What makes one stand out from thousands of others? In fact, which online dating profiles will catch your eye depends on your own goals and likes. With this perception in mind you evaluate a person’s profile, but the first point of contact between the two, the first message exchange is crucial.

Making the first message strategy is as important as making an authentic and impressive profile on a dating app. Thus charring out a way in the populated online space like online dating sites needs a plan. To get a response from your desired online dating profile that you have been attracted to for a long time needs to be the best first message on the dating app.

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Still confused and overwhelmed, what are those online dating app’s first messages that get responses? In this article we will turn to the best messaging strategies to help you get the response and start a successful communication.

Top 11 dating first message examples that get responses

Examples of how to start a conversation in online dating:

Failing from the start is always scary, but to learn you’ve got to try. In this article we are attempting to show you the first message examples that get  responses.

First Message Example #1: Identify yourself on an online dating site

Though you must have mentioned yourself on your online dating profile, it’s crucial to introduce yourself in your online dating first message on the platform. You can also think of what characterizes you the most as a person and add this information to the first message. 

For Example:

  • “Hey! I’m Stacy. I’m a professional dancer. What are you doing for life?”
  • “Hello and nice to meet you! I am Joe. I really love extreme experiences like skydiving and mountain climbing. What are your favorite activities?”
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First Message Example #2: Add some humor to the greeting

Girls like guys with a good sense of humor. The online dating message filled with humor and wit is likely to get an interesting response from the online dating profile of the girl you have kept your eyes on. 

The first message to a girl example may be this one:

  • “Hi, Jill! I am Mark. Do you give loans, as I have got an interest in you?”
  • “Hello! Sorry to notify you, but your account may be TURNED DOWN, unless you tell your name, tell what’s your favorite flower, and pizza place.”
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First Message Example #3: Call the other person by their name

Calling the other person from the opposite side of the screen on the online dating sites by their name helps set a good reputation and establishes a connection from the very beginning. By taking their name, they know you have messaged them after looking at them in person’s profile, and you are not a mass messenger, which means that you are genuinely interested. 

For Example: 

  • “Hi Tia! I am James. I’d like to know more about you and what you’re doing in life, though I love scuba diving too!”

Calling a name and recognizing another person looks better than sending random “Hello, let’s go out” messages. After starting with the usual conversation with an introduction salutation, it’s now the time to see through the example of the best first message on a dating app.

best first message on a dating app

First Message Example #4: Express your feelings and emotions

The first message strategy should demonstrate your personality in a good, adequate light, encouraging the other person to respond to your message. The first message must create a good vibe right from the beginning. You can start by expressing your feelings about why you’re happy connecting with this person.

For example

you can say, “Hey, Jinni! I am Victor. I am excited I’ve found your profile, because as I can see you have a ten year experience in teaching 5 different foreign languages. How were you able to memorize all the words and not confuse them? I’d love to hear about your experience!”

This message expresses your feelings and shows your interest to the other person, leaving a good impression on the first message.

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First Message Example #5: Connect through common interests

Connecting on the topics which have common ground for both sides helps develop interests of both counterparts. It helps to smooth the flow of communication without exerting extra pressure to chat, which otherwise feels pushy.

For example:

  • “Hey Tia, John here. I saw pictures of you with dogs. I love dogs too. Mine is a golden retriever, he’s got a great character, what about your dog?”
  • “Hey Stacy, I am Daniel. Glad to meet you! You look lovely in all your travel photographs. It seems like you love traveling. I am an avid traveler too. Have you ever been to Italy?”
  • “Hi, Dilan, it’s Emma! Your drawings are amazing, have you been going to art school since childhood? I just started drawing after a long break, it feels amazing!”

Like in the above case, for the online dating message that gets the response, you can message over your interest for dogs. It gives a common interest to start the conversation from a familiar ground. This messaging strategy will also draw the bigger picture of your future communication.


Here are some more perfect first online dating message examples:

First Message Example #6: Ask open ended questions

Asking open-ended questions is one of the different methods used to most likely get a response on online dating sites. Such a question helps to take the conversation further and builds interest. Initiate the communication on a positive note. You can ask for a variety of fun open-ended questions and add different variations to them to seek a response from the other side in online dating messages. If you are thinking about the example of what to text a guy for the first time, you can start by asking open-ended questions.

For example:

  •  “Hi! It’s Julia. What Netflix show is your favorite?”
  •  “Hello, I’m Vick. What books are you currently reading?”
  •  “Hey, I’m Charlotte, what is your favorite restaurant in Seattle?”
  •  “Hi! I’m June. What is your favorite movie? I wonder what to watch tonight.”

Asking open-ended questions adds fuel to the conversation, as well as some spice of excitement, and fun.

Ask questions

First Message Example #7: Keep communication clear

In the hustle and bustle of life, no person is interested in reading super long messages on a dating app. If you are a guy thinking what is the best way to start chatting and where to find examples of first messages to a girl, then you’re in the right place! Keep your message crisp, clear, and concise for conversation to be fruitful and understanding.

For example:

  •  “Hello, Emma! I am James, it’s nice to meet you. I’m a sports coach, and I also learn the basics of business now. You look really beautiful!”
  •  “Hi Tia, it’s James. It sounds like you’re a movie buff like me. What’s your favorite movie recently?”
  • “Hello, Julia, I’m Mark. I see you like reading and you’re also writing some novels. I’m a newbie writer too, would you be willing to give me some advice? Thanks in advance!”

Keeping your message short, sweet and crisp will bring you a response from the other side of the screen. Concise words are easier to read and are loud and clear.

Clear communication on date

First Message Example #8: Make an effort to go through the profile

If you send out the first message on a dating app, choose the topic that is related to something you have picked up from the person’s profile whom you are sending messages to. It automatically arouses interest in you, as it’s a nice gesture and instantly connects you over the topic, which the person already likes. And the message shows that you are just not doing hit and trial by sending random messages here and there but are genuinely interested in them.

For example:

  • “Hi, Tom! I see you’re attempting to make the first photoshoots. I am a photographer with 7 years of experience, and I must say your style and vision are gorgeous! Keep it up, you are definitely talented. If you need any advice, don’t hesitate to ping me here, I’m always happy to help!”
  • “Hey, Cherry! It’s Daniel. I saw your pictures from Peru and Costa Rica, they look stunning! I will pursue my first trip this summer, fingers crossed ha-ha. I’d like to go somewhere warm and exotic, could you please share your experience about the best countries to visit?”

Asking open-ended questions and something that gets the other person interested in you, is one of the first things that you should ask in your online dating first message.

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How to reply to online dating messages?

Reply Message Example #9: Be Respectful

You always meet people from various places, different backgrounds, countries, nations, and professions on online dating sites. Therefore, it is essential to be respectful toward others on the platforms. Trust and respect are the two vital ingredients of any successful relationship. Being respectful towards others helps spread positivity, mutual trust and understanding of their differences.

For example:

  • “Hey, Stacy! Peter here, I’m pleased to meet you! You look lovely. I see you’re working as a lawyer, that’s my profession too, but we’re working in neighboring countries, so we didn’t meet in court. I have a question though. You were a defending side in one of the cases with which I don’t fully agree. Could we have a discussion about it?”
  • “Hello, Trinity, it’s Liam. Seems like you like running. I am a big fitness enthusiast too, so now I’m challenging myself and decided to take yoga classes. It’s tough, but I love it! I’d also like to start running to improve my endurance, could you give me some advice on that?”

Sending messages that exhibit respect towards others goes a long way in establishing a healthy connection. Nobody likes to connect with disrespectful individuals. It is of the utmost priority in any sphere of life — dating apps or real life. A disrespect coming from a person is a red flag in any relationship, and you should try to stay away from such people.

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Reply Message Example #10: Don’t get overboard with compliments

It’s always great to start a conversation on the dating app’s first message with showering compliments to evoke interest in others. But there is a fine line between cheesy messages and compliment messages. You should have an understanding between the two. Sometimes while chatting on dating apps, it is easy to get overwhelmed and go overboard with compliments, which feels too fake and histrionic.

For example:

  •       “Hey, Stacy, it’s Marek. You look lovely with the new hairstyle, it suits you! The new hair color emphasizes your eyes even more.”
  •       “Hello! I’m Ian, I wanted to communicate with you for a long time, but didn’t dare to message. However, when I saw you in this picture I knew I should go for it! Wow, looking stunning in this one!” 

Instead of going overboard with compliments and messaging like the following no-nos:

  •       “Hey! Honestly, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. Who are you, Barbie?”
  •   “Look at you! You have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

Online dating messages that get responses are the ones that maintain a fine line between complimenting and being cheesy, pushy or unfair. Sending an online dating first message as the cheesy one turns off your prospects with your person of choice. It’s great to maintain the balance between the two.


Keep the first online dating messages unique!

The above pointers that we have seen are recommendations, do’s and don’t of online dating messages. These pointers will certainly help you get far in your dating apps journey and will be of help in meeting your date. As it is said, “The first impression is the last impression.” Hence, the dating app’s first message holds a crucial role in your success on the dating app.


First Message Example #11:  Share something unique

The first message can make or break it for you. It’s your dating app’s first message that the person on the other side of the screen gets an idea about your personality. Don’t hesitate to say something unique and special about yourself.

Here are some more examples of the first online dating messages:

  • “Hey Stacy, David here. You look great in this blue dress! The color compliments you and is my favorite one too. I also saw your pictures about making a sewing tutorial, is that a handmade dress?”
  • “Hi Valeria, it’s Trevor. Glad to meet you here. Your picture with the dog looks great. I love dogs too. I have got a German Shepherd, mine is fast and loud, pretty smart too. Which is your dog breed?”
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These are the perfect examples of first dating messages because:

  1. They approach the person by their name, which is a great thing to do in the dating app’s first message.
  2. Messages express happiness in meeting over and starting the conversation.
  3. Each message is designed to find the common interest between people, adding more empathy and fun to the online dating messages.
  4. The best first message on the dating app is the one asking open-ended questions. They aid in taking the conversation forward and keep the communication flowing further on.

What really helps you get a date?

Online dating sites have eased our ways of finding a date. It has never been as smooth and hassle-free as it is now with dating apps. You get enough options to find a perfect match setting your preferences and choices. While searching for your date based on your online dating profile on the dating app, it is not about your profile photo. It’s not just your physical appearance but your online dating messages that get responses. There are hundreds of people on the dating app, so how do you get noticed?

It’s the unique way you communicate and interact with online dating messages. With the right communication the other person interacting with you gets an idea about your personality and traits. Thus making a first message strategy is crucial for finding a perfect match for your online dating profile. It’s your best first message on a dating app that helps you establish a connection with other people. 

Keeping in mind the above message examples helps you to frame the perfect message that is cool and interesting to attract the attention of your prospective date partners. Online dating sites have got something for everyone. The above mentioned pointers will help you fetch the desired results in dating.

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