Best Relationship Advice for New Couples, According to Experts

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Did you recently start dating your perfect match, and it still doesn’t make sense to you how to navigate the dating scene? Are you feeling anxious and do not know what to expect? Do you feel like you might get it all wrong and are afraid of making bad moves in your new relationship? Well, a lot of times, getting into a new relationship can be uncomfortable and even frightening. Most of the time we just meet people on dating apps or dating sites but we do not think about relationship advice as something to seek while getting into a relationship. However, this has proven to be necessary if one wishes to succeed in their relationship. We have put below the best relationship advice for new couples, according to relationship experts to leave you confident starting a new affair. 

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14 best relationship advice for couples from relationship experts

  1. Talk About Finances

Finance is a hard topic to talk about in any given relationship, and a lot of times couples fight about finances. However, finding a way to open up about finances to each other is important. You can start by talking about your financial goals as individuals and align your goals with each other afterwards. This way you can be honest about where you are headed in terms of your finances as a couple. You may also seek relationship expert advice on this topic, if you need one. 

  1. Listen To Your Partner

This is one of the most important relationship tips to know about. A lot of times we think we are listening to our partners but in essence they do not feel heard. More often, this leads to your partner feeling like you are not there for them or that you do not, for example, care about an issue they are going through. Listening intentionally however can help you get past this. Rachel Sussman, a relationship psychotherapist in NYC, insists that we all need to be heard but firstly you have to step back and listen. She suggests that once your partner tells you how they feel, repeat back to them what you understood and ask if this is what they meant while seeking clarification.

  1. Get Comfortable

The best relationship advice for couples indicates that vulnerability can be a great gift to your significant other as it allows them to know you on a deeper level. Vulnerability can also be a pretty scary experience for a couple dating, so a lot of times we prefer to stay guarded. However, being vulnerable allows us to be authentic, which is also a great way to form a bond and connection in a deeper way. Try to be open to exploring any new idea or interest with your partner.

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  1. Communicate Clearly

The key to a healthy relationship is clear communication whether you talk face to face or write to each other through a messaging app. When you open up to your significant other regularly, it brings the two of you closer. On the contrary, when a partner feels like their feelings do not matter and that they are not heard, this can easily lead to them becoming resentful towards enticing their partner. Never pretend to be okay when you are not, tell your partner about something you don’t like. A good relationship advice such as taking time to understand your partner can help you fix any problem.

Tip for new couples: 

To be a great communicator in a relationship, learn and practice these five skills: 

  • Be a good listener, 
  • Show empathy to your partner, 
  • Deliver clear and concise messages,
  • Have boundaries, 
  • Be self-aware of your needs, feelings, and emotions.
  1. Handle Fights Well

Relationship experts advise that you fight in a way that moves the conversation forward. Starting a relationship with a person you think is a good match doesn’t mean you won’t fight. Well, this happens with every man and woman, attempting to build a relationship, as you cannot always agree on everything. When fighting, let your partner know how you feel about something and be specific about it. Be respectful while telling about how you feel, rather than shouting or throwing tantrums to express displeasure. 

  1. Solve Recurring Conflicts

Every couple dating fights or has issues and sometimes these can keep recurring. It can be annoying to deal with this. You may also want to figure out the recurring issues in your relationship and strive to find a solution. Focus on specifics whether it is a behavior or habit you don’t like, that way you do not leave anything to chance. As you do this, try not to play blame games but address the issue at hand. As an example, you could tell your partner that you felt left out of a major decision they made such as taking a new job in another city instead of accusing them of being inconsiderate. 

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  1. Share Goals

Having common goals is one of the best dating advice you will ever come across. When searching online or in real life for potential matches to start a relationship with, it is important to think about those who may have similar goals to yours. As individuals, we mostly work with goals and we go to an extent of having this written down with timelines. This should be no different with couples dating. Create a list of goals you would love to achieve together. These can be financial goals, relationship goals, hobbies, travel destinations, or even fitness goals. Accomplishing something together will help you see your common future.

  1. Practice Intentional Gratitude

In most long-term relationships gratitude is essential. Gratitude can be expressed by either saying or doing something special for your significant other. Forming a habit of expressing appreciation yields spectacular rewards. You can show your appreciation in the most simple ways such as hugging them longer, buying them a gift, sending them a card, or complimenting them.

Tip for new couples: 

Gratitude is a great practice to include in your day-to-day life. However, you can incorporate it in your relationship as well. Arrange a special time, when you and your partner will exchange the thoughts of gratitude for each other, talk only about what you like and appreciate in your significant other.

  1. Meet Your Partner’s Needs

At least try to. This is one piece of advice on relationships that will help take yours to the next level or break it if not followed. There are things men and women would want in a relationship. Sometimes needs may vary with age. When these needs are met in a mutually beneficial way, it leads to relationship satisfaction for both partners. It is important therefore to pay attention to your partner’s needs and strive to meet them.

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  1. Take Time Apart

Taking time apart is an essential relationship tip to practice. It is easy to get absorbed into a new relationship and take care of your partner so you abandon yourself. Remember, before the two of you decided to embark on this relationship, you already had life and friends to hang out with. You should take time apart once in a while and spend an evening with the other people in your life. A good example would be going for brunch with your girlfriends or a soccer game with the guys. Also, signing up for a fitness class that gives you some time apart can help in taking care of both your physical and mental health. A healthy you will easily translate to having a great relationship with your date

  1. Love Is Not Enough

Love is only the icing on the cake. There is a lot that goes into creating a lasting relationship. Dating requires time and effort, mutual respect, honesty, and trust. You both need to constantly keep working on your relationship. Therefore, it is important to understand your partner and discuss issues or miscommunication. If you are unsure how to resolve some situations, get advice on relationships concerning the issues at hand.

  1. Prioritize Intimacy

In this context, we are referring to intimacy beyond sexual interaction. Things such as physical touch, eye contact, and a genuine smile make a difference in a relationship. A good example would be when your partner is doing dishes, you can give them a quick hug around their waist or you can snuggle, take showers together and do mundane stuff together. If there is a decline in intimacy, the first relationship advice would be to look if it is one-sided or you both are experiencing it? In case you need to see a relationship solution expert to help you out, check in with one. You might just find out that there are underlying issues they can help you address. 

Tip for new couples: 

If you’re lacking intimacy, offer your partner a massage, take a hot bath together, or go for a walk with your phones switched off. You will see how this privacy brings a new spark in your relationship.

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  1. Keep Things Hot

Any relationship solution expert out there will tell you this for free. Many women and men in relationships end up taking each other for granted and even forget to spice up their romantic life and even look good for their partners. You should ensure that your intimate life is thriving. You can do this by ensuring that your ‘sex esteem’ is always high and take care of how you look, smell and feel. You may consider working out, doing your hair and taking care of your skin, wearing pleasant perfume and attractive clothes. Also, find the things that make your sex enticing for both of you and keep practicing them. You will be guaranteed to remain vibrant in your relationship.

  1. Build On Trust

Trust creates a healthy relationship according to advice on love and relationships. It is, therefore, crucial to work on for many women and men. You have to gain trust over time as you get to know each other. Building trust should happen gradually and at a pace that you are comfortable with. Building trust is a journey that requires open communication and vulnerability. Trust helps both of you to be comfortable with each other in any life circumstances.

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Is It That Hard To Build A Relationship?

It is easy to get hung up on expectations when we get into a new relationship and forget to enjoy the best moments. It is important to note that the best relationships take time and effort to build. When looking for a partner, take your time to find a good match. It is okay to look through more matches or try different dates before settling on one person. Once you find them, remember to enjoy your season and appreciate your partner in all the ways you can. We hope that our best relationship advice for new couples, according to experts, will come in handy for your relationship. Relationships may not be easy sometimes but following the advice may be helpful to make something great out of yours.

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